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Capex–The hottest CFDs broker now!! is a brandly new CFD regulated in the EU. CAPEX has been recognized as the Fastest Growing Provider of 2018, leading the industry by providing custom solutions.

CySEC regulated and promoting the highest security standards, the broker goes by one rulebook for all traders, regardless of their experience in trading the financial markets.

Committed to ensuring client protection, strict security systems and ongoing verification measures are applied to keep customer data and funds safe at all times.

The company’s core mission is delivering all the resources needed by an investor to make progress on his own and rule the markets. Starting with a broad range of over 2.100 CFD instruments and following-up with innovative platforms, there’s something for every trader in the CAPEX services.

Instantly Tradable Worldwide Assets

In the fast-paced world of today, traders have instant access to a wider range of markets than ever before and an ever-growing pool of CFD instruments.

Open trades on your chosen instruments from Sunday to Friday, between the opening of Asian markets and the closing of U.S. markets.

Get closer to the excellent conditions that allow you to trade CFDs on:

  1. 30 Premium ETFs instruments with tight spreads from $0.03
  2. 19 Commodities with 1:20 leverage
  3. Over 55 Forex currency pairs with 1:30 leverage
  4. Popular Cryptocurrencies that start with $0.01 spreads
  5. Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, Vodafone and other 2.000 companies to choose Shares from
  6. Attractive EU, USA and Japan Bonds available with zero commissions

CAPEX is blending traditional trading features with contemporary settings to offer traders the chance to express their own ideas through the latest trading software.

Build a trading portfolio that fits your needs by choosing the CFD instruments you would like to trade. The industry’s broadest range of instruments is instantly tradable from the CAPEX account!

WebTrader – Enhancing Trading Sessions With Constructive Components

Seeking to add an interactive dimension to your trading session? Then you’ve found the right platform.
Entirely web-based and including every feature a trader requires, the software is accessible from any browser and offers an intuitive design helps users handle market data effectively.

Suitable for trading any type of CFD instrument, the platform is enriched with trading features that create all types of market analysis.

Using it on-the-run or while at home, you can enjoy:

  1. Trading Central – The leading third-party market data provider, offering broad market coverage for your favorite instruments.
  2. Limit Orders – Stop Loss & Take Profit can become your strongest allies as you learn how to interpret market data
  3. Negative Balance Protection – An option ensuring that traders don’t lose more than the funds they have if a position goes against them.

Take a look at these unbeatable 4 third-party market analysis tools that offer far-reaching insights on the market:

  • Bloggers Opinions – Access the opinions of over 50.000 financial experts to add more elements to your decisions!
  • Daily Analyst Recommendations – Review opinions given by financial analysts that offer their take on market trends.
  • Active Stocks by “Insiders” – 36.000 corporate insiders present their views on the market sentiment.
  • Hedge Funds – Asses leading fund managers positions from the last fiscal year, on the world’s most popular stocks.

Feeling like a day-trader or more interested in scalping the markets? Regardless of your style, WebTrader will surely cover your needs and elevate your trading sessions!

MetaTrader 5 – User-Friendly & Revolutionary Analysis Methods

Choosing CAPEX’s powerful, trader-designed platform allows investors to get access to a significant number of trading resources, tools and a wide selection of charts, among other efficient features.

Comfortable and multi-functional, the modern trader will enjoy bundles of market data, wrapped in a user-friendly interface to assure accessibility and ease of access.

Pick your favorite feature and start developing your strategies with the help of:

  1. Innovative Customizable Tools – Adjust everything according to your preferences!
  2. More than 2.000 free custom indicators – Add important components to your strategies!
  3. Multi-window views & extensive control panels
  4. Real-time activity monitoring

Start including technical & fundamental analysis into your evolution and get on the same level as professional traders with all the benefits MetaTrader 5 offers you!
Even though desktops are still the preferred means of accessing the internet, mobile gadgets are making their presence felt and clients expect a high-class service regardless of device! Trade your views on the markets switching between mobile and your personal computer, with these custom-tailored platforms!

First-Class Customer Support Offering Daily Information

Get in touch with multilingual teams, speakers of Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic and Russian to get resources and communicate your needs straight away!
To ensure all needs are met, the content is provided by expert in-house teams and verified market data providers, so that traders can rely on the information delivered.
The support teams work around the clock to ensure amazing results for every client that chooses trading with CAPEX.
Educating customers to become better traders is what truly matters, and for this to happen, trading concepts and common concepts are clearly explained to the community.

CAPEX platform

Direct & Globally Recognized Payment Methods

Interested in trading but don’t know how to wire your funds so they don’t get lost? Use one of the trusted payment methods to transfer your capital straight to your account:

  1. Credit Cards – VISA, Mastercard & Maestro
  2. E-Wallets & Third-Party Services such as PayPal, Trustly, Skrill & Neteller
  3. Direct Bank Wire Transfer

The minimum deposit required to open an account and instantly access the platform is $100. With multiple funding and withdrawal options, clients can tap into the world’s markets and unlock endless trading opportunities!

Why CAPEX? Here’s a short feature summary:

  • Over 2.100 CFD instruments from 7 classes such as Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds and ETFs!
  • 4 Top-Class third-party market data providers (Daily Analyst Recommendations, Bloggers Opinions, Hedge Funds & Active Stocks by “Insiders”)
  • Leverage up to 1:20 for 19 Commodities
  • Global Bonds with zero commissions
  • Strict CySEC regulation & trusted licenses
  • Inactivity fees after 3 months of absence
  • Over 55 Forex Currency pairs including major, minor and exotic pairs
  • Cutting-Edge Platform Choices: WebTrader and MetaTrader 5
  • 24/5 Customer Support Speaking IT/DE/SP/AR/RU/PL
  • Up-to-date Market News & the latest Economic Calendar
  • Custom account plans to ensure your satisfaction
  • Tight spreads starting from $0.01
  • Accessibility – Trade on mobile and tablet devices on iOS and Android!
  • Negative Balance Protection & Limit Orders

Looking for a highly interactive trading experience? Customize it with tons of tools and innovative settings!

Don’t take our word for it, research the website on your own

Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions.


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